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There's nothing quite as unsatisfying as a bad comedy. An awful horror flick might provide some unexpected laughs; an atrocious action film might have a few impressive stunts.

But watching someone who's supposed to be funny — and failing in every possible way — is just downright painful. These are the so-called "comedies" that lack a single ounce of humor, that drain the life out of every audience, and that couldn't win the approval of a single critic.

And remember, there are a few critics who actually liked Furry Vengeance , so that should tell you something about these gems.

From pathetic sequels to ill-advised passion projects, here are some of the cringeworthy comedies that bombed with a zero rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So it makes sense that Universal Studios wanted to make a sequel, but they screwed up their con job from the very beginning. First, the studio waited ten years before putting part two on the screen. Second, they made a film that felt like a direct copy of the first movie minus all the charm and humor. But the biggest mistake was replacing the two leads, Newman and Redford, with comedian Jackie Gleason and country singer Mac Davis. Think about that for just a second.

Newman and Redford are two of Hollywood's most iconic leading men, and could win over audiences with just the twinkle in their eyes. Replacing them with a semi-famous musician and a past-his-prime comedian a very talented man, but not exactly the "King of Cool" was a major mistake. Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, Homer and Eddie has largely been forgotten by comedy fans, and that's probably because this film just isn't funny. Sure, it tries to be And while that convergence of tears and laughter might work for some films, here it results in a schizophrenic disaster.

The movie follows a mentally challenged man named Homer James Belushi who wants to visit his long-lost parents, so he decides to hitchhike his way to Oregon. Along the way, he gets picked up by Eddie Whoopi Goldberg , a murderous maniac who's dying of cancer and just escaped from a mental ward. Naturally, the two form a friendship, learn about life, and give Oscar-bait performances that involve a lot of screaming, squealing, and super sappy discussions.

As critic David Cornelius describes it, "Belushi is all geeky fey mannerisms; Goldberg's all about the loud-freak out and the crazy twitching. In between the discussions about God and the gags involving an overweight prostitute, Belushi's and Goldberg's eccentricities keep piling up until you can't help but lose your mind. Written and directed by James D.

Parriott, Heart Condition follows a racist cop Bob Hoskins who suffers a heart attack, but narrowly avoids death after receiving a heart transplant from his recently deceased arch-rival, a smarmy lawyer played by Denzel Washington. Hoskins finds himself haunted by Washington's ghost, a spirit who keeps pestering the cop to change his diet and live a healthier lifestyle.

On top of that, Washington is trying to convince Hoskins to get together with a prostitute who Washington impregnated and solve his murder when Hoskins has time to spare. That plot is really out there, and worse still, the movie has had a hard time deciding if wants t be a light-hearted buddy comedy or a grim police procedural.

Even the director knew it was a disaster, later telling The Ringer , "I don't think that script was where it could have been or should have been. Released in , Loose Cannons is an absolute mishmash of talent. The plot involves a detective Hackman and a forensics expert Aykroyd trying to solve a string of murders related to a pornographic film involving a high-profile German politician and Adolf Hitler himself.

Showing up in a porno with history's most infamous dictator isn't good for your career, so the politician wants to get rid of anybody who's seen the film.

And that where's Hackman and Aykroyd come in, racing against time to find the movie and stop the slayings. Unfortunately, Aykroyd's character doesn't handle pressure very well, and whenever he gets stressed, he switches personalities and channels fictional characters like Captain Kirk, the Cowardly Lion, Dirty Harry, and Goofy. As you might assume, this joke wears thin fast. Really, Aykroyd isn't the guy you want for this kind of comedy. Instead, several critics argued the filmmakers should've cast Robin Williams in the role, but even the clown prince of impressions couldn't have saved the movie from its nonsensical story and lousy direction.

John Travolta's career has seen some incredible highs and some embarrassing lows, but he arguably hit rock bottom with Look Who's Talking Now , the final installment in the Look Who's Talking trilogy. The series got started in , with Travolta playing a cab driver who falls in love with a single mom played by Kirstie Alley.

The twist here is that Alley's baby can talk sort of , and he sounds like Bruce Willis. In the sequel, Alley and Travolta have a daughter who sounds like Roseanne Barr; in part three, TriStar Pictures decided to give Travolta two bickering dogs who eventually fall in love On paper, this sounds like the most miserable idea ever.

In practice, it's exactly that. But instead of of romantic spaghetti dinners, Look Who's Talking Now is loaded with lousy quips, poop jokes, and lines that feel a little out of place in a kid's film, like DeVito's mutt asking Keaton's poodle, "What do you say you and me go play bury the bone?

Look Who's Talking Now was trashed by critics and scorned by audiences. Fortunately, Travolta landed a gig with an up-and-coming director named Quentin Tarantino, and the actor's very next film, Pulp Fiction , got everybody talking.

Before Dallas Buyers Club , before Magic Mike , before the "McConaissance," Matthew McConaughey was struggling to keep his head above water by starring in romantic comedies that people forgot about before they were even done watching them, and his career was far from all right all right, all right.

The plot involves a stoned surfer McConaughey who just wants to enjoy the ocean. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and the Man are getting in the way, so McConaughey fights back with the power of pot. And as this movie co-stars Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson, there's a whole lot of ganja going on. Not a single major studio wanted to release the film. Instead, it was put out by Anchor Bay Entertainment, a company that specializes in direct-to-DVD films and did almost nothing to promote it.

In , Martin Freeman finally broke into the mainstream — one year after he started solving crimes as John Watson and one year before going on his unexpected journey as Bilbo Baggins.

But crammed in between Sherlock and The Hobbit , there's a dismal rom-com that Freeman would probably like to forget. Written and directed by Jonathan Newman, Swinging with the Finkels is about a husband and wife Freeman and Mandy Moore who are getting a little bored with each other, so they decide to hook up with another couple and do a little partner-swapping to spice up their marriage.

Unfortunately for Freeman, Swinging with the Finkels is the kind of movie where Mandy Moore uses a cucumber as a sex toy before accidentally shooting it across the room and hitting a surprised Jerry Stiller in the crotch. Worse still, it's not anywhere close to being funny. The movie is full of racist jokes, homophobic humor, and a bunch of lousy sex gags that just go limp, and Moore and Freeman lack any kind of real chemistry, prompting IndieWire critic Gabe Toro to describe the film as "alien to any and all human behavior.

If you visit Kevin James' page on Rotten Tomatoes , you'll see a lot of green splotches. But if you're looking for the ultimate Kevin James calamity, then head over to Netflix and check out The True Memoirs of an International Assassin , the worst-reviewed film of the comedian's career. Directed and co-written by Jeff Wadlow Kick-Ass 2 , this film follows a schlubby writer James who finds bestselling success with his novel about an international assassin.

Unfortunately, his publisher is marketing the book as non-fiction, so everybody thinks James is a real-life assassin. As a result, he's kidnapped, taken to Venezuela, and finds himself in the middle of a deadly game involving South American revolutionaries and a Russian gangster. Honestly, it's not a bad premise, but the execution is completely "meh. Club described the film as "a poor man's Edgar Wright movie" that relies way too much on the "nominal humor of a doughy, middle-aged man running and fighting in slow motion.

This film finds J. Simmons playing an ultra-manly dad whose something daughter Analeigh Tipton has disappeared, so he teams up with his daughter's ex-boyfriend, a banjo-loving hippie played by Emile Hirsch. Together, the two search for Simmons' kid; along the way, they encounter a whole host of bizarre characters while Simmons teaches Hirsch how to be a real "man.

Aside from its very specific views on manhood, critics agreed the movie suffers from some shoddy directing and a weak script. As Derek Smith of Slant Magazine put it, All Nighter is a movie that's "constantly shifting its genre allegiances, and clumsily so. Tipton doesn't have much to do, and pretty much everybody agreed that Gavin Wiesen just wasn't the right director for the job. Still, Simmons does his best to get audiences laughing, because slump or no slump, the man is always a pro.

Unfortunately, that's also where the picture gets into trouble. But the film just can't compare to a heist film like Ocean's Eleven , as it relies on "edgy" humor — like a cursing nun smuggling cocaine — that really isn't all that edgy. That impressive cast actually weighs the movie down, as the characters are just loud, eccentric, and lacking any real human elements. As film critic Matt Zoller Seitz put it, "This is the kind of movie that seems to think a heap of outrageous details equal a characterization.

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Kevin James didn't kill it with the critics. Simmons deserves better than this. Don't get conned by all these actors.

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There's nothing quite as unsatisfying as a bad comedy. An awful horror flick might provide some unexpected laughs; an atrocious action film might have a few impressive stunts. But watching someone who's supposed to be funny — and failing in every possible way — is just downright painful. These are the so-called "comedies" that lack a single ounce of humor, that drain the life out of every audience, and that couldn't win the approval of a single critic.

It is based on a short cartoon book of the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. Andie Anderson Kate Hudson is a writer for the women's magazine Composure as the "How to", subject-matter expert.

There comes a time in every adult's life that one has to accept the fact that not all classic movies are good movies. In fact, some are very, very bad. On the other hand, there are many movies which were poorly received upon release, only to become huge classics later on. These 23 classic movies that have terrible ratings on Rotten Tomatoes include a mix of both.

Comedies that bombed with a zero rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Baseball has long been considered our national pastime, so it only makes sense that it would be a frequent topic in the world of film. There have been a number of movies centered around the great game of baseball through the years, some obviously better than others and one of the most anticipated movies of is Moneyball , which is based on the book about Billy Beane and his drafting techniques. So while Moneyball may make its way onto this list in the near future, here are what I feel are the 25 greatest baseball movies of all time as of today. While not a baseball movie, this film deserves at least a mention for the famous Who's On First routine by Abbot and Costello. In , a gold record of the routine was placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as it will forever be a part of baseball history. Al Percolo Brooks is a down on his luck baseball scout who is relegated to scouting in the small villages of Mexico after yet another player he signs turns out to be a bust. It is there he finds Steve Nebraska Fraser , who is hands down the greatest player he has ever seen. However, once they return to the states, it quickly becomes evident that for as talented as Nebraska is, he is just as mentally unstable. Twelve-year-old Henry Rowengartner Nicholas has dreams of playing major league baseball, but he is far from a terrific athlete. That is until he breaks his throwing arm.

Every single Paul Rudd movie, ranked

The actor broke into the scene with the landmark stoner comedy Dazed and Confused , and for a while there looked like he was good to just coast on his twangy bro-charm and ample shirtless scenes. See where they all place, including his latest The Gentlemen , as we rank the best Matthew McConaughey movies and the worst by Tomatometer! Synopsis: Hands on a Hard Body director S. Bindler directs this wave-twisting tale of a soul-searching surfer Matthew McConaughey in the Synopsis: When motivational speaker Jack inherits an elephant from his father, he wants to get rid of it as soon as

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Over the past few decades, Paul Rudd has become a household name and a true staple in the rom-com and comedy genres. And although he's been in a variety of beloved hits, not all of his films have been adored by critics. Here is every movie Paul Rudd has been in, ranked by critic scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Note: All scores were current on the date of publication and are subject to change.

The 25 Greatest Baseball Movies of All Time

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Only one man in Hollywood could fully embody the laidback cool of that Synopsis: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-stars Kate Hudson and Matthew.


23 Classic Movies That Have Terrible Ratings On Rotten Tomatoes


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days






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