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Available for download. Not available in stores. Be mindful and present in your daily life with these 75 uplifting messages, organized by theme. Founder of MantraBand Aysel Gunar provides an inspiring introduction on the importance of positive, meaningful mantras in your life. Whether your focus is peace , love , happiness , strength , or your journey —you'll find the perfect mantra for every day of your life.


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My students often ask me what they should focus on in meditation. Have you ever asked this question? If you've heard " Om " in yoga class, then you've heard a mantra. No, self. Okay, Ommm - did I wash my jeans? I think tomorrow is jeans day at work.. I know, I know! So, back to our question: What do you focus on? What mantra do you use? Every day I pray that I remain sensitive and receptive to inspiration. In this way, we move forward and closer to knowing where our strengths lie, how to hear our intuition, and ultimately see our true direction.

The simplest direction I can give you for creating a mantra comes down to two things:. It belongs to you. Make it up. Imagine that you bring your attention to something that lights your soul on fire versus bringing it to something you can hardly pronounce. Which of these things will leave you walking away from your mat feeling fulfilled and productive and inspired?

Listen to your intuition. Is it lying on a beach in solitude? Is it around the dinner table with your family? Does it even have words? If you think in images instead of speech, go there instead. Personalize it.

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Explore Classes. Contributing writer By Erin Motz. Contributing writer. Erin Motz is a writer, yoga instructor, and co-founder of Bad Yogi.

Share on:. Enter the mantra. The simplest direction I can give you for creating a mantra comes down to two things: 1. If it feels good, let it flow! Erin Motz Contributing writer. She received her degree from the University of South Florida and her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, More On This Topic Spirituality.

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What Mantra Best Suits You? [QUIZ]

We meditate on them. Actually, it was the big O herself who pointed me in the way of my go-to mantras. The ones on her album Feeling Good Today! Still, I kept the songs on in the background as I went about making myself breakfast, during my morning yoga practice, and throughout the workday. Far from corny, I now see these, yes, simple phrases—and mantras in general—as quite powerful.

That's what we want for ourselves and everyone else on this planet. See how to qualify.

A mantra is a word or sound used in meditation, but your own personal word can be used in everyday life to influence and inspire you. I need more freedom. I want to be inspired not instructed. Friends, this practice has changed my life.

Top Five Ways to Find YOUR Mantra

Download on iTunes , or Stitcher for Android. The power of mantra has been used for thousands of years by different cultures. But how do you find a mantra? We will show you and you can use it to empower your life. Deeply rooted in various Eastern religions, mantras have been used to unlock powers within. By focusing the mind on one word and nothing else, the mind stills and we enable what is usually hidden to rise to the surface. Mantras not only shed light on the darkness of our subconscious, but it allows us to infuse our identity with the mantra being used. Science has revealed the power of language shapes our thoughts Therefore, we can choose mantras based on the personality traits we desire and use words as personal tools to better ourselves. Whether you are living the traveler, entrepreneurial, or lifestyle, we are all using our experiences to come to some understanding of truth.

Find Your Mantra: Inspire and Empower Your Life with 75 Positive Affirmations

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This article will give you some helpful advice how to achieve higher levels of focus and relaxation via using meditation mantras and will offer you several other helpful techniques. Meditation could have various purposes. Some people meditate to achieve inner peace, others — to accomplish higher focus, or for self-motivation. There are guided meditation techniques aimed at assisting the participant to sleep better, to lose weight, to quit drinking….


That's great. A mantra, by definition, is a word, a sound, or a phrase that is repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating. It is the powerful vibration that your mind will 'ride' into a deep state of meditation.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What is MY Mantra? Find your perfect Mantra

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. I started MantraBand in , as a way to remind myself to be more present and worry less. As someone who rarely wore jewelry, I felt the bracelet needed to be simple and material very durable. When I couldn't find one that I liked, I decided to design my own.

The Science Behind Finding Your Mantra and How to Practice It Daily

Using mantra daily helps keep your meditation practice going strong. Looking for a spiritually satisfying life after college, musician Tina Malia moved to Fairfax, California, an artsy city north of San Francisco, and began attending sacred music concerts. Eventually, she started experimenting with the music on her own. One day, friend and fellow musician Jai Uttal invited her to sing backup in his band, the Pagan Love Orchestra , which combined chanting mantra with rock, reggae, jazz, and African music. Malia jumped at the chance to play and sing these sacred sounds and words—believed by practitioners to change states of mind and elevate consciousness. Even though she was gaining success as a musician and was surrounded by loving friends, Malia was silently sinking into depression —an ailment she had struggled with on and off since she was a teenager.

Jun 23, - Finding a romantic partner can be turned into “I am open and ready to receive great love.” Again, your personal mantra is an authentic.

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Find your word – your personal mantra

My students often ask me what they should focus on in meditation. Have you ever asked this question? If you've heard " Om " in yoga class, then you've heard a mantra. No, self.

These are the 10 Most Exciting Mantras for Meditation

A mantra is an utterance or combination of words that are believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. Coming from Sanskrit, the word mantra is comprised of two parts : man, which means mind and tra which is the root of the word instrument. Mantras were literally supposed to be an instrument of the mind.





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