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Girl scout cookies grow journal

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Girl Scout Cookies strain was directly brought in from Northern California and our breeders have worked tirelessly over the last few years to turn this clone only legend into a stable and productive strain in seed form. The most popular trait of this awesome Girl Scout Cookies strain is the incredible flavour, both in its aroma and taste when inhaled. Tasting truly of fresh baked cookies, it has a distinctive sweet-spicy mouth hit that thickly coats the inside of the throat. This is followed by a subtle yet noticeable chocolaty aftertaste making the whole experience something to savour. Girl Scout Cookies strain has a distinctly cerebral effect that comes on fast.

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These ladies blew my mind! Overall I am beyond pleased with the production these ladies had given me! What I saw on the scale wet blew my mind although there was a lot of stamina I still feel as though I will have significant weight once dry. Absolutely phenomenal! Time to invest in a couple more lights. Nice work bb looks tasty. Hawkbo , Thanks much! Congrats buddy, good job. This was a fun one! Translate content.

Auto Girl Scout Cookie. Girl Scout Cookies FastBuds. GHE Nutrients. Copy link. What's on the scales? Grow Room. Positive effects Creative. Negative effects Dry mouth. Diamond Black. Floralicious Plus. Liquid KoolBloom. Commented by TheRealBBrown 2 years ago.

Grow Questions. TheRealBBrown week 8 started grow question 2 years ago. Show all Answers 7. Doggy answered grow question 2 years ago. Hello Friend! Have some patience and as you say you will have weeks of flowering.

As advice I would reduce the amount of fertilizers a little, I think you have many in your irrigation. Sometimes, less is more. Success in your growth bro :. Selected By The Grower. Girl scout cookies auto Claxdiok Girl Scout Cookies. Show by Week. Sort by popularity. Hawkbo commented. TheRealBBrown commented. By continuing to use the website or clicking Accept you consent to our cookies and personal data policy. For details please see Privacy Policy Accept.

Easy to grow and didn't run into any diseases. I could definitely see the resemblance from the Durban Poison. I don't have final numbers yet but yield looks very good. Another fun grow! No trouble but had my first encounter with a mutant bud.

Took about 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Grew short and bushy. Smells strong.

I will report back more after it has dried and is able to be smoked better. Interesting to see after the whole batch dries and cures, as to if it changes much. No problems with the nutrients. I probably overdid it in flower a bit, as I just followed the feeding chart vs actually letting the plant tell me how much to give. I have nothing to compare it against, but I am happy with the results.

Without a doubt, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most popular auto strains. It takes weeks for the flowers to become covered with snow-white trichomes and orange pistils. The plant doesnt require special care because of the Ruderalis genes. It grows well indoors and out. You should use carbon filters because of the strong smell and some extra nutrients to increase the yield. The recommended pH level should be 6. The plant can reach cm.

So shes been dry and in jars roughly 2 week she is a really nice smoke sweet and tasty with a slight minty citrus flavours tastes more sativa definitely smokes like a sativa no couch lock excellent day time smoke as it relaxed you but its not strong at all can fully function would not recommend as a bed time smoke as it wakes u up more than knock you out she is very smooth and another distinct taste and smell she could have gone longer but the other 2 was ready so couldn't leave her wish I could but oh well not a strain for me smoke and flavour wise but ok to grow. Good stuff love this calmag not done me wrong. No calmag needed easy to use. This seems to work excellent better smells and flavours coming through would highly recommend.

This was my favorite strain out of the lsd and gorilla glue so far based on the 2 plants I grew of each.

Small plant full of foxtail, had to trim it wet otherwise it would have been a pain to trim it dry, I was feeling like making a coleslaw I've tough it was resistent against bad conditions like cold temp and high RH at night I can't stand that fail! It was my first and last attempt with Autoflowering.

I will have to update on the smoking of these Cookies, but what I can say is these babies are extremely resilient to stress, I topped her because of the unique tri-cola on the 5th set instead of the normal Y cola when you top. And I even spread her canopy apart with LST strings and she still responded quite impressively. Well I stayed organic like always, and I was able to get away with an 8 day flush.

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Translate content. Girl Scout Cookies FastBuds. Advanced Nutrients Nutrients. BioBizz Nutrients. Green Buzz Liquids Nutrients. Copy link.

Well I chopped this lady today at week 11 day 5 she smells and looks fantastic she got too the end with absolutely no deficiency s at all and lapped up every nutrients I gave her , And the buds are nice and dense , will update once dry and cured : Ok so update is , this has a really biscuits tastes and makes you cought like mad when you toot a bong , I am a vaper and never liked biscuit flavour ejiuce so this isn't my favourite bag , but the smell is nice , alittle musky and the high is strong , hard hitting , I will soon be turning this into some oils , If you like the biscuit flavour and like too chock and cough when you smoke then this is for you , lol All of these lady's had a 3 week just water feed ,. Can't fault house and garden even if your not using there full range , next time I will use there root addative and see how that works. Worked well. Well I chopped this lady today at week 11 day 5 she smells and looks fantastic Smoke review : The hit is very smooth due too the extra long flush I did , and although the smell isn't great yet because it's now right at the start of cure , It's a nice body glow with an intense head trip with a mellow bubble , And that is after a small bong , I really like it , I would recommend growing this and would grow again , thanks for reading and following if that was you , Stay medicated and be bless Jah Rastafari blessing and love And the buds are nice and dense , will update once dry and cured :. Has the same structure as my NL im curious to see your dry weight as a rough estimate for my girl. CCgrow , they are out in the shed hanging with oil radiators in there , it fecking stinks lol I've left them on the branches and sugar leaves too make sure I get a nice long dry and then as long as I like cure as I do not sell a crumb of what I grow I turn it all into medicine for my self so from these 4 plants will very likely last me 12 months. CCgrow , thanks , I don't sell it so any bud leaf I just pick off as I pull out a bud , I am not going too complain about it lol and leave dried and cured on protects the bud until I pick that bit up ,. Translate content.

"gsc second grow" cannabis grow journal. Strains: The Cali Connection Girls Scout Cookies by biggreens Grow room Indoor, growing in Soil. Harvest yield.

These ladies blew my mind! Overall I am beyond pleased with the production these ladies had given me! What I saw on the scale wet blew my mind although there was a lot of stamina I still feel as though I will have significant weight once dry.







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