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These 10 romantic chinese dramas will make you fall in love all over again. We've narrowed our pick down to only the best — from beautiful characters to addicting storyline, you're bound to be entertained from the moment you start watching them! Download our apps for iOS and Android today. When paparazzi catch the young president of a multinational company Xu Kaicheng in a compromising situation with an up-and-coming actress Wang Shuang , a huge scandal erupts. Even though they try to deny their feelings, sparks fly as the two equally ambitious people find themselves thrown together by fate.

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Top 11 Romantic Chinese Dramas That’ll Have You Falling in Love

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Editor's notes: China has one of the biggest booming drama industries in the world. Dozens of new dramas are released every month, drawing in millions of viewers. In recent years, Chinese dramas have garnered more exposure and popularity globally.

Many original series have been distributed overseas, bought and streamed on international video platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Viki the world's leading platform for Asian entertainment and culture and MyDramaList database and social community for Asian Dramas and Movies. From high-quality historical costume series to romantic love comedies, C-dramas have taken Asia and even the world by storm.

Once it was aired on the Chinese online video platform Youku on June 27, , the Longest Day in Chang'an, a high-quality detective thriller web series, became an audience favourite. Soon after in July , it was not only released in other Asian countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, but also landed in North America as "paid content" on video streaming websites such as Viki, Amazon Prime and YouTube. This is the first time a Chinese drama series entered the monthly payment category in an American video streaming site.

Set in Chang'an, China's ancient imperial capital and the world's most magnificent metropolis during the Tang Dynasty CE , the episode series revolves around how detective-turned-prisoner Zhang Xiaojing played by Lei Jiayin and head of Chang'an's anti-terror department Li Bi played by Jackson Yee , teamed up to stop a terrorist attack by a mysterious army in the capital on the eve of the Lantern Festival.

The events in the drama series take place within a span of 24 hours. Western viewers who have seen it are also hooked by its intense plot, awesome cinematography, as well as its exquisite and beautiful traditional costumes, makeup, and architecture that vividly and accurately portray life during the prosperous Tang dynasty. A reviewer commented on IMDb, saying that it can be "considered the Chinese version of GOT", and praised the "the epic background stories, excellent acting, directing, elaborate scenes, and wonderful sound track".

The summer hit costume drama "The Untamed" first aired in China on the streaming platform Tencent Video on June 27, The drama, starring Sean Xiao and Wang Yibo, tells the story of two soulmates facing treacherous schemes in a magical world of inter-clan rivalry.

They then uncover a dark mystery linked to a tragic event in the past, according to its synopsis on Netflix. The spellbinding and well-connected storyline, exquisite costumes, its display of Chinese music instruments as well as traditional etiquette and virtues made it a hit not only in China but also overseas.

The series was translated into 11 different languages and broadcast via platforms such as Netflix, Viki, and MyDramaList in North and South America, Europe, Australia, the Philippines and other places. This drama currently has a score of 9.

It took the No. A fan-meeting was even organized in Bangkok, Thailand, in September , which attracted 9, avid fans. This episode series, now available on Viki and YouTube for global viewers, premiered in China in December on Hunan Satellite Television and completed most of its run in It was also translated and broadcast in Japan in October This slow-paced drama, as its title indicates, chronicles the life of Ming Lan played by Zhao Li Ying , the 6th child of a concubine in the Sheng household during the Northern Song Dynasty period - CE.

It shows her growing-up years, from her childhood all the way into adulthood. Because of her mother's lowly position in the household, Ming Lan struggles to deal with her indifferent father as well as her stepmother and sisters who often bully her. She eventually rises to prominence as an influential figure in the Sheng family.

With a beautiful soundtrack and cinematography, the series provides an insight into the everyday life of a family in the Chinese Northern Song Dynasty. It accurately exposes the domestic politics in a large and privileged household as well as the political machinations and schemes that take place in the imperial court.

The drama also delves into the topics of family dynamics, gender roles, social norms, and marriage. The Story of Ming Lan received a favorable rating of 8. A reviewer on MyDramaList said the series is "a rich tapestry of Song dynasty life", adding that "each character and plot line, even the minor ones, have been written with so much raw detail that you feel every undercurrent of emotion simmering within.

The romantic comedy "Go Go Squid" was a smash hit in the summer of It generated huge online buzz since it was streamed and received high rating scores of 8. C-drama fans globally continue to rave about the amazing chemistry between its two main characters. According to its synopsis on IMDb, the series is a sweet love story between a straight-A girl student with high IQ and a professional e-sports gamer as well as an inspirational story about an e-sports hero who comes back to pursue dreams and friendship.

A reviewer on MyDramaList said the drama beautifully portrayed an "adorable couple" with "wonderful chemistry" and was the "best contemporary romance of the summer of ". With its brilliant acting, true-to-life characters and well-paced plot, the drama "All Is Well" has been a hit with viewers.

The drama revolves around the Su family and the relationship and dynamics among the parents and their three children. After the death of the matriarch, the weak and selfish father begins to meddle in his children's lives and makes the most unreasonable requests to them. Who should look after their elderly father and how does the youngest daughter who was not recognized by her parents since her childhood get along with the rest of the family?

Many viewers have praised this series for revealing family problems in real life, such as traditional Chinese families' preference for boys over girls, the boomerang generation who live off their parents in their adulthood, and inter-generational conflicts related to caring for the elderly.

The series is now available on YouTube and FallDrama with English subtitles for foreign audiences, and its reviews have been positive. The British publication, the Economist also reported on the popularity of the drama and the stir it caused in an article "A hit TV series in China skewers cranky old parents", saying that viewers are transfixed by its rare portrayal of middle-class life, warts and all. Adjust font size:. Follow China. ChinaNews App Download. Print E-mail. Send your stories Get more from China.

Top 5 Chinese dramas that became popular overseas in China has one of the biggest booming drama industries in the world.

My Girlfriend

Watch Full Episode of The Love Equations Episode 1 online in high quality and free download, Dramanicein will always be the first to have the episode and english subtitle. Serenade of. August 19, by kjtdramalover. Show less. Various formats from p to p HD or even p.

Editor's notes: China has one of the biggest booming drama industries in the world. Dozens of new dramas are released every month, drawing in millions of viewers.

In Asian dramas, just like in cosmetics, there is more than Korea to love. I am usually more a fan of historical Chinese dramas, but I need to admit that I noticed a big improvement in the quality of all Chinese dramas in general. A few years ago, every good drama from China was most certainly coming from Taiwan, and movies were from Hong Kong, as both locations were a bit of the Chinese Hollywood. Chinese Modern dramas meaning set in the modern days are usually longer that Korean ones, I would say an average of 30 episodes versus 16 for Korean dramas, which for me is rather a weakness as longer dramas tend to drag a bit.

For my love chinese drama ep 1 eng sub

When an extra gets hired to act like she has a crush on a CEO, the pretend romance becomes all too real. Wen Xiaonuan has been trying to make ends meet in order to support the Huangmei Opera Troupe. Resorting to acting gigs to earn money, Wen Xiaonuan books an unusual job where she must pretend to have a crush on the handsome CEO Ye Feimo. Source: ChineseDrama. MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors.

6 Romantic Girls Love Chinese Dramas to Celebrate Your Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

Whether you are on the hunt for historical, romantic, slice-of-life, thrilling, mysterious, or whatever other kind of element you may want in a drama, this list is here to make the search a little easier. Without further ado, here are 15 Chinese and Taiwanese dramas — of a wide variety of genres — to get you started! Not in any particular order. This Chinese drama is a must-watch no matter what genre you enjoy.

Chinese drama download.

Diana is a huge fan of Chinese culture. Chinese dramas are some of her favorite series to watch. Even if you already are addicted to Chinese dramas, this list will help you increase your addiction!

My Drama obsession – Top 5 Best Modern Chinese Dramas

A woman tries to defend herself from sexual harassment. Photos: CFP. By Ji Yuqiao Source:Globaltimes. Photos: CFP As talk about the Nth Room chatroom sex abuse case in South Korea sweeps Chinese social media, a new web drama with plots similar to the case has captured the attention of netizens.

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This condensed anthology reproduces close to a dozen plays from Xiaomei Chen's well-received original collection, The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama , along with her critical introduction to the historical, cultural, and aesthetic evolution of twentieth-century Chinese spoken drama. Comprising representative works from the Republican era to postsocialist China, the book encapsulates the revolutionary rethinking of Chinese theater and performance that began in the late Qing dynasty and vividly portrays the uncertainty and anxiety brought on by modernism, socialism, political conflict, and war. Chosen works from to also highlight the formation of national and gender identities during a period of tremendous social, cultural, and political change in China and the genesis of contemporary attitudes toward the West. PRC theater tracks the rise of communism, juxtaposing ideals of Chinese socialism against the sacrifices made for a new society. Post-Mao drama addresses the nation's socialist legacy, its attempt to reexamine its cultural roots, and postsocialist reflections on critical issues such as nation, class, gender, and collective memories. An essential, portable guide for easy reference and classroom use, this abridgment provides a concise yet well-rounded survey of China's theatricality and representation of political life.

Chinese drama download

The best kind of love story has no boundaries! That's right, now you can enjoy LGBT-friendly shows on our site, along with other trending dramas in Asia. We hope this adds that extra variety you've been craving from Hotpot TV as we celebrate Pride Month together! When two students start to co-habit in an all-girl dormitory, a series of incidents have them falling madly in love with each other. When a young woman named Ziqing comes down with a sudden illness, she is abandoned by her cold-hearted boyfriend. Thankfully, a couple of her good friends decide to cheer her up by buying a second-hand car and going on a roadtrip — where plenty of exciting shenanigans ensue! Pop idols meet underground boxing in this action packed romantic GL drama!

Apr 3, - I am usually more a fan of historical Chinese dramas, but I need to admit that 'Boss and Me' is your typical sweet love, poor girl/rich guy story.


List of Dramas January 2020


15 Addicting Shows To Watch If You’re New To C-Dramas & TW-Dramas






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