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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Look At This Car!!

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Want to promote your YouTube channel? When you know your audience and create awesome videos that offer value to that audience, promoting videos with AdWords can help grow your YouTube channel. Obviously, you need an AdWords account to start. Next, link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. In the left-hand column, select Campaigns. In the Campaign Type screen that appears, select the Video option. On the next screen, you set the budget and other details for your campaign.

First, give your campaign a name that will help you distinguish it from your other campaigns. Then set a daily budget. The standard delivery method selected by default keeps your ad showing all day.

The accelerated method uses most of your budget by the beginning of the day. The idea is that you want people in a vlog-watching mindset to see your ad.

That is maximum cost per view CPV. The other bidding strategy option would be maximum cost per thousand impressions CPM , which is available only if you show ads on the Google Display Network. As a vlogger, you want to focus on views, not impressions.

This will surface your ads where and when new viewers are most likely to be found. The Language, Location, and Devices settings help you begin narrowing the audience for your ad campaign. For Language, if your audience is primarily English-speaking, you can target only people who speak English , but if your YouTube video could be popular in multiple languages or if your video has subtitles, you can reach more people by selecting multiple languages. For example, if your vlog has a U.

However, you can make the location targeting broader or narrower than a single country. You can also exclude countries or locations if necessary. Devices settings can be useful if your ad is relevant only to iOS devices, for instance. Frequency capping allows you to limit how many times an individual user sees your ad.

You can cap impressions as well as views. For in-stream placement, cap views. For discovery placement, cap impressions. AdWords defines an impression as any time your ad is shown. With Content Exclusions, you can filter out sensitive content and content types so your ad reaches a slightly better audience than the default which is the standard content filter only.

With the settings shown in the following figure, the sensitive filter will be stronger. However, with a DL-MA digital content label, your ads will show when the content is mature such as documentaries. If you know specific time frames work best for your viewers, set specific hours or days of the week for your ads to show.

For instance, if your analytics show more views on weekends and nothing on Monday, you might promote your videos more often on the weekend than on Monday. After your campaign settings are done, your next step is to set up the ad groups within your campaign.

You can create several ad groups within a single AdWords campaign. An ad group can include multiple YouTube videos that you want to promote via ads. You want each ad group to target the same keywords or YouTube content called a placement because you place the ad on a specific YouTube channel or video.

The targeting determines who sees your video, such as people searching a specific keyword or people watching a certain YouTube channel. Also, every video in the group uses either the in-stream or discovery ad type. The different ad types determine where your ad appears on YouTube. In-stream ads appear before the YouTube video people want to see, whereas discovery ads appear as suggestions alongside whatever video the viewer is watching.

Suppose that you have a bilingual channel Hungarian and English , and you want to organize the campaign and ad group structure for this tactic. Post videos in both Hungarian and English, and separate the campaigns for those videos based on language. For each campaign, create ad groups based on both the ad type and the targeting. In other words, include the following ad groups for each campaign:. Meet your secret team that makes you look like a social media genius and empowers you to embrace change!

Think of us as your career insurance policy. We keep you focused on what matters. Join the Social Media Marketing Society. Get access to monthly online training, expert support, and a thriving community of marketers who will empower you to succeed. Then in every ad group, add two types of video ads regularly : a weekly vlog and another video with a different focus a short, interview, etc.

With this structure, you maximize the budget for each campaign. The ads in each campaign compete with each other, and the best one the most successful and relevant will use the budget. Similarly, with discovery ads, you pay only when someone clicks to watch it. Another advantage of this structure is that you can easily drop in-stream ads after you have the right targeting for your discovery ads. In-stream ads bring in views and can even have great ROI, especially with placement targeting.

But discovery ads have much better view rates. When targeting is done right, you can ditch in-stream ads because most viewers hate them, right? A well-positioned discovery ad is a pull magnet: the user actively clicks if the title and thumbnail image are interesting.

This ability to shift your ads to discovery ads has numerous advantages. To create the first ad group in a campaign, you simply scroll down to the Create Your Ad Group area right below the campaign details. Give your group a name that provides enough information to help you distinguish it from other ad groups in your campaign.

Then in the Bidding area, add your bid for maximum CPV, as well as any adjustment for popular videos. Enter the bid adjustment as a percentage of your maximum CPV bid. The Demographics area in AdWords allows you to define your audience by gender, age, parental status, and income. To find which demographic settings will help you reach your prospective customers, check out your YouTube Analytics. The choices that are best for your videos depend on your content.

By default, all of the demographic targeting options are selected. You can also target a custom affinity audience. For your first batch of ads to increase awareness of your videos, focus on the Affinity options.

A custom affinity audience can be especially useful. To further refine the targeting for your ads, you can use keywords, topics, or placements a YouTube channel or video. Targeting your audience using more than one method can narrow the audience too much.

Placements are a great starting point and the most useful because you can target video ads to specific YouTube channels or videos. For example, to target people who are watching Gary Vaynerchuk videos, you can simply target his entire channel. After you set up campaign and ad group criteria, you can start adding videos you want to promote. As you create ads, keep in mind that each one must follow the AdWords advertising policies. To create your first ad, scroll down to the area for creating an ad.

Paste the link to a YouTube video and choose the ad type : in-stream or discovery. Pick an auto-generated photo that will appear in your ad.

One of the options will be the thumbnail you designed for the video. Next, add a title and description for your ad. Lastly, give your ad a name. To create a group , open your campaign in your AdWords dashboard and then click the blue plus sign. After you set up an ad, it goes through an approval process that takes about one business day so be aware of weekends.

The approval process is to ensure your ad follows the AdWords guidelines and includes descriptions, keywords, websites, apps, titles, and headlines not just the ad itself. If you run into issues with the approval process, the best way to resolve them is to call customer service.

To find the customer service number and hours , click the question mark icon in the upper right of your AdWords dashboard. If the video has a certain volume in a short period, the organic reach snowballs, and you maximize the impact of your ad even with a limited budget.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you get the best results when your targeting is right. To monitor the performance of your ads , check out the ad analytics in your AdWords dashboard and pay particular attention to the following:.

Also, look for redundant keywords in your ad group setup. Last but not least, check your video content. After you invest in creating excellent content for your YouTube audience, using AdWords to promote your YouTube videos can boost their visibility on the platform and help you grow your channel.

The extra visibility that ads give your videos will add momentum to your organic reach. Also, with the tactics in this article, you can organize a campaign that includes all of the options you need.

This organization also helps you monitor and adjust the campaign based on ad performance. After you run the initial AdWords campaign, make sure you include remarketing ads in your campaign, too.

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How to use Zoom like a pro: 13 hidden features to try at your next meeting

We got an email from a teacher at a Deaf and hard of hearing program who is being asked to move her ASL class online. She has used Signing Savvy, but has never been a member and is hoping the member features, like the ability to create word lists will help her with her online teaching. With offices closed down, it will be a long process to purchase a membership through her school, and she really needs to find solutions now. We are here to help!

Maybe it's a politician, a famous businessperson, or a religious figure. Or maybe it's someone you know personally — like your boss, a teacher, or a friend.

Want to create a polished, professional video that impresses your audience? Sibscribe to our Video Marketing How To series to discover tips and tricks on how you can make your better step by step These 12 tips will help you improve the quality of your videos right away. Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished professional video, so make it one of your top priorities during filming. The sun is one of the best light sources for video. Midday light coming from straight overhead can cast harsh shadows on your subjects, while morning and evening light is more flattering.

12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional

B2C is proud to bring you this article from our sponsored series by Buffer :. Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyze rich statistics on how your posts perform. And we can certainly see why marketers are so hot on social video. Facebook believe that most of the content we consume online in the future will be video. Twitter has recently relaunched Vine as a camera app to enable users to capture and share short-form video on the platform. And more than 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day. And how do you know if your videos are performing well on social media?

10 Facebook Live Tips to Follow Before, During & After Your Broadcast

You may see different types of ads on YouTube. We strive to improve your ads experience by implementing policies to make the ads more relevant. If you see ads that you think are inappropriate, you can let us know by submitting feedback. Note that you can also view, delete, or pause your YouTube watch history.

Drive strategic decision making across the business with access to rich social data and analytics.

In our new normal of the COVID era, many of us have turned to the webcam and video meetings in place of school, work conferences, and many of us are spending our days on video conferences hosted by Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, WebEx and the like. And many of you are probably looking into the picture window at yourself and saying, "Really? I look that bad? It doesn't have to be that way.

Six tips for looking great in a Zoom meeting

Today online videos are arguably one of the most popular ways we learn, sell, and entertain ourselves. Video has become a powerful marketing tool thanks to social hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. But when it comes to marketing your videos, which one is best for your business? In this guide we will explore the pros and cons to using Vimeo vs.

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How to Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google AdWords

Clowns: In Conversation with Modern Masters is a groundbreaking collection of conversations with 20 of the greatest clowns on earth. In discussion with clown aficionados Ezra LeBank and David Bridel, these legends of comedy reveal the origins, inspirations, techniques, and philosophies that underpin their remarkable odysseys. In Clowns , these 20 master artists speak candidly about their first encounters with clowning and circus, the crucial decisions that carved out the foundations of their style, and the role of teachers and mentors who shaped their development. The discussions culminate in meditations on the role of clowning in the modern world, as these great practitioners share their perspectives on the mysterious, elusive art of the clown. David Bridel is a multi-award-winning playwright, director, performer, choreographer, and teacher of acting, movement, and clown, whose work has been seen in theaters, opera houses, on screen and at festivals across the world. Clowns : In conversation with modern masters.

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Can Xue is the pseudonym of the new experimental author Deng Xiaohua, born in Formerly a tailor, she began writing fiction in Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan.

Victor H. Royer is the author of several major works on casino gambling, and is a syndicated columnist for national gaming magazines. He has also served as a marketing and gaming consultant to the world's largest casinos, and to gaming machine manufacturers.

The best video editing apps are surprisingly powerful these days. Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android, you can find some decent tools that will give you professional looking results. In fact, depending on the task, they can even sometimes be preferable to full-blown desktop software.

Learn to change your background, your audio and video settings, and how to share your screen. While the video chat service's rapid growth has led to the reveal of a number of privacy and security issues , there are some ways to protect your account and your chats from Zoombombing and other privacy flaws.

Have you been left wondering who appreciated the comment you left on that YouTube video enough to give it a like? Or wondering who had the gall to downvote your YouTube comment? Well, in both cases, you're out of luck. You can't see who liked your YouTube comment, and you can't see who disliked it, either.

Want to promote your YouTube channel? When you know your audience and create awesome videos that offer value to that audience, promoting videos with AdWords can help grow your YouTube channel. Obviously, you need an AdWords account to start. Next, link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. In the left-hand column, select Campaigns.


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